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Algarva #168 Caravan

​51 years of service to the Developmentally Challenged

Our Grand Divan (Board of Directors)

GC Doug Willsie, Grand Commander

Grand Divan for 2017 -2019

Past Grand Commander - Louis Hendrikx
Grand Commander - Doug Willsie  Vice Grand Commander - Lisa Finch
Grand Chamberlain - Connie Burns  Grand Scribe - Rose Vandenberg 

Scribe of the Exchequer - Jim Karry Grand Advocate - Gerald Forster
Master of the Oasis - Ken Mommersteeg Master of the Wardrobe - Mike Charette
Captain of the Bodyguard - Frank Stokkermans Sentinel of the Tower - Martin Stokkermans
Sentinel of the Desert - Peter VanEngelen Historiographer - Joe Donkers
Chaplain - Deacon John Lammers Master of Communications - Bernice Cadman
Webmaster - Jim De Zorzi
To contact any of these Sir/Lady Nobles please send your email to 

NOTE: Elections will occur in October 2019.  Watch this page for a new listing.